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Team Building by way of English Language workshops can be a powerful way to use English language skills in an intense yet fun manner requiring the full involvement of each participant.

Workshops can improve English language capability within working teams which can involve role play and activities which helps teams to deep-dive into real life situations that may be faced in English, within industry-specific situations.

Workshops can be tailored to the English level of the attendees and to working level of responsibility. Workshops can be conducted at office located or run just about anywhere! Competency will be evaluated at the beginning and at the conclusion of the course.

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On Request

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Advance Beginner Intermediate

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Group or One-To-One

Our Workshops are run by fully qualified teachers give you the very best teaching experience. At King’s English quality comes before everything so you can be assured that your English will improve. Whether you are a Student or a Professional our Workshops are designed around your ability and are the perfect stepping stone to better English competency. Contact us today for details and take the first steps towards guaranteed success!

Rattabavadee Pimtanothai (Dear)

"Functional English has a great teacher and is like a family to me. My teacher is Mr. Gary. He's the best teacher and teacher I've seen since I started learning English. I've always felt comfortable learning with him. He helped me with a lot of things and gave me good advice on both English courses. I didn't even know that I could relax and speak English without the pressure of talking to you after a few months. Thank you so much for everything."

Some of Our Clients

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