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Cross Cultural Training

Culture matters– understand it and you can uncover the real riches of Thailand.



Never underestimate the importance of local knowledge!

We bring Thais and expatriates together to understand and be inspired by the differences between Thai and Western culture. One to one, half-day coaching or business cross cultural team building is available for full 1 day and 2 day workshops. The approach of this course provides learners with tools that help remove cultural barriers.

We provide inspiring ways to override our barriers to cultural sensitivity and see culture as simply ideas and behaviors. We help corporate teams change ideas and help link cultural differences that change the ways teams work together. Team integration builds understanding of Western ideas and orientate them to Thai culture.

Culture matters– understand it and you can uncover the real riches of Thailand.

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Advance Beginner Intermediate

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Group or One-To-One

Rattabavadee Pimtanothai (Dear)

"Functional English has a great teacher and is like a family to me. My teacher is Mr. Gary. He's the best teacher and teacher I've seen since I started learning English. I've always felt comfortable learning with him. He helped me with a lot of things and gave me good advice on both English courses. I didn't even know that I could relax and speak English without the pressure of talking to you after a few months. Thank you so much for everything."

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