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In life that we are constantly learning so it’s always the right time to improve our skills in anything we choose to do. If you have enthusiasm you can do anything, at any age.
Teaching adults English has its own set of rewards and for King’s English our teachers understand better than anyone that we are always a learner! Rest assured that at King’s English we use professionally developed, tried and tested teaching materials with interactive communication on a face to level.
Nothing beats the face to face teaching engagement and interaction that a student has with their teacher. “People first” is our approach – applying equally to both student and teacher.
I.T is certainly a part of lives and one that can enhance communication and learning rather than simply taking over both. At King’s English all our English Language courses offer an online digital support element. This support offers 24/7 access to exercises and activities and testing on smartphones, laptops and tablets. It supplements the learning process and provides real time feedback on results to help keep you motivated and in touch with your progress!
Let us offer you more advice on how to get started!


  • Pre and post testing available and results evaluation provided!
  • 30 hours and 60 hours courses available
  • Native speakers ( Thai teachers available upon request)
  • Workbooks included
  • Venue , provided or advised

Our Main Teachers

King’s English Teachers


Qualified experienced native speaker teachers of English will guide you each step of the way as you gain confidence and fluency.

Price : On Request

Max Availability : 20

Difficulty : Advanced Beginner Intermediate

Location : We Come To You

Typology : Group One-To-One


Covid-19: Update

King’s English จะดำเนินการต่อและให้ตัวเลือกต่อไปนี้แก่นักเรียนของเราทุกคน:

นักเรียนสามารถทำแบบฝึกหัดผ่านอินเทอร์เฟซการเรียนรู้ออนไลน์เช่น Skype หรือ Zoom

As of Sunday, 17th May, the Thai Government is relaxing its rules regarding the opening of certain establishments: one of those kinds of businesses is "Tutorial Schools".

As of Monday, 18th May, GK Consultants will once again open its doors to welcome current students and also new students. Strict safety procedures will remain in effect: cleaning hands upon entry and exit and regular hand-washing with soap and water and/or cleaning hands with alcohol-based disinfectant gel which we provide as needed.

Those students who prefer to continue learning with us via the online platforms, Skype and Zoom, will be able to do that for as long as they wish. I have been very heartened by the success of our online teaching procedure and our students and their parents have been delighted that the learning process has been able to make such a seamless transition to this kind of study.

Best wishes and continue to stay safe!


Gary King