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Solution thinking is brand new team building and communication training program that gives your people the skills they need to solve problems between departments and across your organization. This course gives you measurable results from the very first session. It offers a sustainable model for effective communication and problem-solving. In just 6 hours we teach your team a whole new way of solving problems using “ chatterbox”, X-skill, Add-Skill and Solution Thinking System. Improve your teams problem-solving thinking whilst creating a sense of responsibility for problems within your organization today!


Professional trainers
 Native speaking coaches
 Fun workshop environment or 1 to 1 program
Results focused
One day and two day programs available
Venue provided or arranged- We come to you!

Our Main Teachers

Qualified experienced native speaker teachers of English will guide you each step of the way as you gain confidence and fluency.

Deposit : 5000 ฿

Max Availability : 20

Difficulty : Advanced , Beginner , Intermediate ,

Location : We Come To You

Course Type : Group , One-To-One ,


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