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In a competitive landscape where technology is becoming more and more prevalent, the face to face customer experience time is invariably shorter and must serve to hold more meaning and be more authentic than ever before! Imagine how great your customer service training would be if your employees focused on meeting people’s needs – ALL THE TIME. To be totally effective Customer Service Training must start in the heart of your organisation. All your employees must learn to serve each other before they can externalize and fully serve your clients. Customer Service training at King’a English builds a culture of service that will speed up your systems, reduce conflict, boost productivity, and build more efficiency. No organisation (small or large) can be afford to be without outstanding Customer Service. Build yours up now with The Service Mind at King’s English.


Professional trainers
Native speaking coaches
Fun workshop environment or 1 to 1 program
Results focused
One day and two day programs available
Venue provided or arranged- We come to you!

Our Main Teachers

Qualified experienced native speaker teachers of English will guide you each step of the way as you gain confidence and fluency.

Deposit : 5000 ฿

Max Availability : 20

Difficulty : Advanced , Beginner , Intermediate ,

Location : We Come To You

Course Type : Group , One-To-One ,


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