Covid-19: Tutorial Procedures


There are so many English language teachers and English language schools in Thailand and the choice can be daunting. You can rest assured that King’s English will provide you with the best teaching and learning that money can buy. All of our teachers are hand-picked by the CEO. Each applicant for a teaching position at King’s English undergoes a rigorous interview procedure and all qualifications and references are meticulously checked and ratified.

In addition to having excellent teachers we pride ourselves on being able to provide lessons that are fun, innovative and exciting. Our team of teachers have experience in teaching young learners, teenagers, young adults and corporate professionals. Each teacher will design the course specifically for each student or group of students and each course, whether 30 hours or 60 hours in duration, will have a specific set of outcomes linked with it.

Each student can opt for the King’s English online assessment test which can be taken at the beginning of the course, mid-way through the course or at the end of the course. The test takes about 45 minutes and each test is different with questions randomly chosen from a test bank of more than 9,000 questions. The test is marked instantly and the score is sent to the student, the student’s parents or the student’s supervisor or training manager at their place of work. In addition to receiving a raw score each student is provided with a narrative report that outlines the skills that the student possesses at the time of taking the test. The report also compares the student’s performance to their equivalent score for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and CEFR (Common European Framework). Each test costs 500 THB and can be taken on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile telephone. Students who do not opt to take the online assessment test will be monitored by the teacher so that their strengths and weakness are identified and further teaching will focus on turning the weaknesses into strengths.

Your lessons can take place at a venue chosen by you. It can be at your home, a nearby café or coffee-shop or your place of work. Our teachers are selected so that they can travel any reasonable distance to a place that is most convenient for you.

Yes, if that is the length of course you want to book. We are very flexible however; you can book a course for 10 hours, 20 hours, 40 hours, 50 hours or whatever course duration you like. The 30 hour courses and 60 hour courses are our most popular.

No. V.A.T. is added to the course fee and is a legal requirement for all registered businesses.

Yes. You can book a 2 hour trial lesson but is must be paid for in advance at the rate of 1,800.00 THB per hour.

This happens very rarely. In the unlikely event that you do not feel that you are happy with the teacher we have provided for you then we will, at no additional charge, provide one, and only one, replacement teacher.

Yes. All learning materials are provided by the teacher and the cost is included in the course fee. If you are studying for a standardised tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL or IELTS then the text book is either provided by you (we will recommend which test preparation book to buy) or we will buy the book for you and the cost of the book will be added to the fee.

If you are late for your lesson then unfortunately that time is lost and cannot be made up. If the teacher is late for the lesson then the time that you have lost will be given to you as part of a future lesson.

Yes. You can ask to be provided with a certificate of successful completion of your course. The teacher will present you with the certificate or it can be mailed to your home address.

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